​Habitat for Humanity has an open-door policy:

All who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background. Habitat for Humanity has always had a policy of building with people in need regardless of race or religion, and we welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.

Habitat for Humanity was created to demonstrate the love of God, so it is natural that the church should be a primary partner in Habitat’s work. Churches are essential in grounding the work of Habitat in the gospel message and uplifting the ministry of Habitat in prayer. The most successful Habitat for Humanity affiliates are the ones with the strongest church support, and churches have proven to be Habitat’s most reliable and long-term partners.


Building on Faith means to bring local churches together in a community to use their faith as a catalyst to serve. Churches will be partners with Habitat helping to raise walls, funds, and prayers to build a house with a family in their community.

It’s an opportunity for a church to live out their ministry, engage their congregation and see the miracle that occurs when God touches the hearts of new homeowners and the volunteers who worked alongside them.

The latest Building on Faith house was dedicated to the family who bought it in the spring of 2021 in Williamsburg, VA on Forest Heights Road.

​Building on Faith Partner churches for that project includes: Bruton Parish Episcopal, Grace Covenant Presbyterian, Hickory Neck Episcopal, King of Glory Lutheran, Stone House Presbyterian, Walnut Hills Baptist, Wellspring United Methodist, Williamsburg Community Chapel, Williamsburg Presbyterian and Williamsburg United Methodist Church.


The Newby Family has been very active in their Williamsburg community. While Mr. Newby is retired, wife Jennifer has been a stalwart employee at one of the most recognizable buildings in the Colonial Williamsburg area. Jennifer’s “put others first” mentality is on display wherever she goes, and it permeates through the Newby Family.

In their new home, the Newby Family wishes to continue their family traditions that have kept them a tight-knit group during the past and hope to make new long-lasting memories in their new home.

We are grateful to be able to partner with them!

We are still accepting more Building on Faith Church Partners! For more information or to become a Building on Faith Partner Church, please contact Mimi Mitchell, Director of Volunteer and Faith Engagement, at (757) 913-5652.​



First and foremost, we ask that you keep the ministry of Habitat for Humanity in your prayers. Pray for the family, prayer for the volunteers, the house. Pray at services, pray on the construction site. Also participate in the International Day of Prayer, observed each year on the third weekend of September. The Day of Prayer was organized to put decent shelter on the hearts and minds of all people and to encourage everyone to take action to help those in need of decent shelter. Bulletin inserts and other materials are available to help you plan your observance each year in September.

Support Habitat for Humanity

Your congregation can help in a variety of ways!

  • Sponsor or co-sponsor a home: provide the funds and labor to build an entire house or a portion of a Habitat house. No amount is too small!
  • You may sponsor a house on your own or in partnership with other congregations. For more information or to become a Building on Faith Partner Church, please contact Mimi Mitchell, Director of Volunteer and Faith Engagement, at (757) 913-5652.
  • Each year during the week preceding the Day of Prayer, Habitat encourages Christians to get out of their pews and to live out their faith by building houses with people in need. Affiliates are urged to plan major building projects for which churches provide the funding and labor. This focus on the church can make a tremendous impact in local communities and can show the world the power of the church at work in the name of God. Please email us at helper@habitatpgw.org if your church would like to participate in this event.
  • Supply volunteers for Habitat construction crews and committees.
  • Prepare and serve meals for construction workers. If you are interested in volunteering in ANY capacity, please visit our Volunteer Info section of this site.
  • Make a financial contribution.
  • Provide in-kind goods and services (For example, a plumber in your congregation might volunteer to do the plumbing work on a Habitat house).
  • Individuals are always needed to help with acquiring land, finding and selecting qualified homeowner applicants, nurturing family partners, recruiting church support and more.
  • Churches can become partners with congregations in developing countries to raise funds and to provide labor for house construction. Through the Global Church Challenge, churches reach beyond their communities to build much-needed homes and engage at the same time in building understanding.


Want to invest in the community?


We help as many families as we can, but the lack of decent and affordable housing remains a critical problem in our area. By donating, you will provide upfront funding for building materials and services that makes interest-free loans to Habitat partner families possible. Habitat partner families help to build their own homes - alongside volunteers - and pay an affordable mortgage. Your monetary donations enable us to continue building strength, stability and independence for future local families.