Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning Joining the House That Small Business Built

We’re pumped that another small business has come aboard to support the House That Small Business Built, a Habitat for Humanity house currently under construction in Charles City.

Gloucester-based Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning will donate 10% to the House That Small Business Built when customers sign up for a new preventative maintenance agreement during the months of June and July.

By tuning up your system twice a year – pre-summer and pre-winter – you can get ahead of problems before they occur and minimize the chance of an outage at the worst possible time – the middle of July, for example, when the heat index soars past 100 degrees.

Currently under construction in Charles City, this House That Small Business Built is being funded thanks to the support from numerous local small businesses and individuals, like Comfortable Climate. The $125,000 price tag to build one Habitat home is typically too steep for any one small business to tackle in its entirety, which is why this project is being funded incrementally.

The House That Small Business Built will be sold to a widowed father named Garcia as part of Habitat’s first-time Homebuyer Program. Garcia has agreed to pay back the no-interest mortgage over 30 years, funds that will be cycled back into the community so more Habitat homes can be built. He and his four daughters will finally have a place to call home.

Together we can do so much. We know that it takes a village to do the work we’re passionate about at Habitat. A village is funding the House That Small Business Built.


Want to invest in the community?


We help as many families as we can, but the lack of decent and affordable housing remains a critical problem in our area. By donating, you will provide upfront funding for building materials and services that makes interest-free loans to Habitat partner families possible. Habitat partner families help to build their own homes - alongside volunteers - and pay an affordable mortgage. Your monetary donations enable us to continue building strength, stability and independence for future local families.